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28 years ago in 1982, in Trichur, Kerala, South of India born a revolution that changed the way Keralites feel about jewellery. In 1982 Manjaly Corp. fuelled by the power of a vision began operations by marketing a bevy of high quality lifestyle ornaments. In a market where nobody could think beyond traditional gold, silver and diamond jewellery. And the vision was to revolutionize the jewellery market with affordable, enduring and perspective-changing brands. Down the years, vision translated into action, the success story unfolds.

“When we enetered the fragmented imitation jewellery segment it was wholly unorganised and lacking in vision. Manjaly Corp. brought in innovative technology, exciting designs and marketing strategy, custom made for different local markets. Now we have redefined the imitation/gold covering segment as lifestyle jewellery with leader brands in our kitty” Says Mr. Sebastian Manjaly, Managing Director, Manjaly Corp.

Starting off in Kerala with the brands Saloni and Rolex, Manjaly Corp. marketed jewellery created with exacting German technology in 23.5 kt. pure gold at the price of ordinary gold-covering ornaments. Within no time the brands reached every nook and corner of Kerala and were runaway successes.

Setting off the latest trends in Kerala in the lifestyle jewellery segment, Manjaly Corp. continued introducing more winning brands in the market. Well researched, passionately designed and reasonably priced, the brands Sanskruti – one gram gold ornament collection, Passionfruit – pearl jewellery and Salsa – Fancy jewellery reign supreme in the hearts of the new-age women.

A wholesale distribution network spread all over Kerala in place and a creative spread of vibrant brands after, it was time to be part of the emerging retail business. And Planet Jewel was born. All the leading lifestyle jewellery brands of Manjaly Corp. were amassed in this retail outlet chain. With 15 showrooms in rural clusters and 3 exclusive counters in premium shopping spaces, Planet Jewel has evolved into a fast growing retail chain and a one-stop shop for the best of lifestyle jewellery.

At Manjaly Corp, the spirit to keep pace with the ever evolving and forever vibrant consumer perceptions continue and the quest has resulted in introducing a new brand, SwarnHiran – an exquisite collection of modern, traditional jewellery, a lovely fusion in one gram gold, promising to be very close to ‘her’ heart.

Now testing new horizons, Manjaly Corp. is developing an exclusive specialty shopping space for ladies and kids in the heart of Trichur. It is conceived as a mass-premium shopping space combining great brands and great fun.